Our story began in 2013 when Kerry and myself both decided to change our life courses and get into the flower business. In the Spring of 2013 I had just finished University and had moved back to my home town of Swift Current, Sk. Not knowing where I wanted to be, I decided to take a short break and took a job at a floral shop in the mall. It was love at first bouquet. I was over the moon about making the simplest cut flower bouquets, and overcome with joy at being able to express my creativity while at "work". A short time later in the Fall of 2013, Kerry had decided to move from her small town in Southern SK to begin her life journey in Swift Current. She made the four hour commute to the shop a couple of times per week until, in December of 2013, she bought a house in town for her and her family. From there we both learned the ropes of the floral business, and in April 2015 we bought out the owner of the floral shop we both worked at, and opened up out own brick and mortar shop!

Since April of 2013 life has been a whirlwind of learning curves and adventures. We have cultivated our little business into something that is uniquely ourselves and reflective of our personalities. We are both self taught floral designers, but we are always learning and attending workshops to expand our knowledge of design and business.

One of the largest adventures was deciding to invest in a real wedding workshop in Seattle, WA, in the fall of 2017. We attended a Sinclair & Moore Real Wedding Workshop, and in September Kerry, Judy, and I took off to begin this new learning journey. For those of you that are unfamiliar with Sinclair & Moore, they are wedding and event designers who also specialize in florals. I had found their beautiful flowers on Instagram, and knew that I just had to learn how to create beautiful bouquets in their style, so I could bring that knowledge back and create for Brides here in Southern Sk. Steve Moore was such an amazing and gracious teacher. It was so inspiring to hear their story, and learn from someone who built their business up from the bottom, to now being named among the top vendors for Martha Stewart Weddings, VOGUE, Harper's Bazaar and Brides Magazines! While in Seattle with the Sinclair & Moore team we learned a heck of a lot about floral and wedding design. We also got to go help set up and create floral designs for a real wedding which was the featured online in Martha Stewart Weddings (look up A Waterfront Wedding on an Island Just North Of Seattle, WA under Martha Stewart Weddings).

Having our own brick and mortal shop has allowed us to host many workshops and events. We do seasonally scheduled workshops for Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, as well as host private functions for groups of friends or work parties. It has been so much fun helping many of you get your create juices flowing, and seeing how every single person’s creativity blossoms differently. We have also had the pleasure of travelling to many rural communities to host our famous "Plant Nights", and cannot thank all of you enough for the support that allows us to live our dream every day!

Aside from our floral design, we also have a huge passion for plants and all things green! We try our best to bring you the latest and trendiest plants on the web, as well as give helpful tips on how to make those lovelies flourish in your home. It is so difficult for us to see all these amazing plants come in and not bring them home, I don't think there is a flat surface in my house that is not home to some form of potted green or other.

We are so lucky to live in this community and be surrounded by such amazing friends, family, and staff, all of you have helped us to realize our dreams and continue to grow. I am everyday so thankful for the amazing people we have met through the shop and grown close with. We seriously wouldn't be where we are today without you. Thank you for letting us do what we love, and hopefully we continue to make you love what we do!

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